Are you printing your thesis in Leiden or the surroundings? That is one of the specialities of You can choose from small and large print runs. You are assured of our personal service and we guarantee excellent quality. Did you know that we can deliver your thesis within five working days?

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Delivery specifications for thesis printing near Leiden

If you want to outsource your thesis printing in Leiden or the surrounding area to, there are some guidelines you should consider. We like to receive each chapter of your thesis as a separate Word document. We also ask you to check carefully whether we have received all parts of your thesis. This way we can guarantee a quick delivery. Finally, it is important to clearly distinguish between headings, subheadings, sub-subheadings and regular text. How do you do that? Read more about delivering your thesis.

Format your own dissertation

Would you prefer to prepare your thesis yourself? That is no problem. In this case, however, we recommend that you supply the inside pages in their entirety, without any cutting marks and in high resolution. The same applies to the cover, including bleed and cutting marks. The spine thickness is also important when designing your thesis. You can easily ask us to calculate it for you.

Illustrator for your cover

Is your layout ready? If so, it’s time to design the cover of your thesis. You can contact one of our graphic designers for help, if required. We can create the cover for you free of charge. If you want a truly original cover, you can also choose an expert illustrator. For this, we work with a dedicated artist. Would you prefer a minimalist image or a classic or abstract illustration? The designer knows how to handle all these approaches. We charge a small fee if you choose to have your thesis illustrated.