Spell correction

Checking the contents of your dissertation for spelling and logical sentence structure is one of the last things you do before you have it printed. You also need to check that the table of contents is correct, that the chapters begin in the same way, and many other details.


Proefschrift expert Fred Feij

Fred Feij
your personal dissertation coordinator


If you want to enlist the help of a professional, you can turn to parties such as Scribbr.nl.

“Make sure your dissertation is error-free before final printing. Have your dissertation proofread by Scribbr’s professional native English dissertation editors”.

When you have finished proofreading, you will see the picture. We can take care of the layout of the thesis text or help you with the perfect cover. In the last phase, before we print the theses, we will send you hard-copy proofs. Reading through the proofs will help you put the finishing touches to the content.

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