Cover options

Did you know that we provide the cover layout of your thesis free of charge? Would you like more information about using Spot UV in your thesis? Or would you like to receive a quote for printing your thesis? Get in touch with one of our staff members!

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Thesis cover with Spot UV

You can give your thesis a better appearance by using Spot UV. This technique applies a glossy layer to parts of the cover. For example, you can choose to have the title on the cover of your thesis printed with Spot UV to make it stand out even more. The technique also gives the cover a slightly 3D effect, which is often very eye-catching. It is not possible to use Spot UV on the inside pages.

You can also use Spot UV in creative ways. For example, you can add a watermark effect to the cover of your thesis. You can also use Spot UV to display specific messages or text. These are not immediately readable at first sight and require interaction from the reader. Gold foil and other glossy foil colours are options, too. Do you want to print your thesis with Spot UV? Our graphic designers are here to help you!




Thesis in hardcover

You can give your thesis extra appeal by producing a small hardcover print run. A hardcover offers extra durability and is ideal for keeping a few stylish copies on the bookshelf or giving as gifts to family and friends.

Would you like to receive multiple hardcover copies of your thesis? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.


Have your thesis illustrated

At, you can have the cover of your thesis designed by our graphic designers for free. If you want something really unique, you can also have your cover designed by a professional illustrator. We have teamed up with an illustrator who knows better than anyone how to translate your ideas into a striking illustration. Whether concrete or abstract, detailed or minimalistic, we can create the design you want.

If you choose to have your cover illustrated, we will discuss the possibilities with you. If you don’t know exactly what you want, the illustrator will be happy to input fresh ideas. This creative process often results in surprising designs! There will be constant contact about progress and corrections during the design process, and examples will be sent to you.

Would you like a custom-made illustration in your thesis? Please let us know. There is a charge for illustrating a cover, which will be discussed with you in advance.