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PhD thesis Cover with Spot – UV

Give your thesis an extra look with the help of Spot-UV. This beautiful technique makes it possible to provide parts of the cover with a glossy layer. When printing the thesis, for example, you can choose to apply Spot UV to the title on the cover. This way, the title stands out even more. It also gives a light 3D effect to the cover of your thesis, which often looks very stylish. It is not possible to use Spot UV on the pages of the inside of the thesis.
Of course you can also use Spot UV in a more creative way. Think for example of adding a kind of watermark to the cover of your thesis. You can also display a certain message or text with Spot UV. At first sight, this is not immediately readable and requires some effort from the reader.
Do you want to print your thesis with Spot UV? Our graphic designers will gladly help you with this! By the way, did you already know that we design your cover for your thesis free of charge? Would you like more information about the use of Spot UV in your dissertation? Or would you like to request a quote for printing your dissertations? Then please contact one of our employees!

Run thesis in hardcover

Give your dissertation an extra touch by performing a small number of the dissertations as hardcovers. A hardcover thesis offers extra durability and gives a thesis allure. Ideal to have a few nice save copies for later. Or give away to family or special friends.
Would you like to receive a number of theses as hardcovers? Contact us and discuss the possibilities.

Let thesis illustrate

At you can have the cover of your thesis designed by our graphic designers free of charge. If you really want something unique, you can now also have your cover designed by a professional illustrator. To this end, we have entered into a partnership with illustrator Remco. Remco knows like no other how to convert the wishes of our customers into a striking illustration. Concrete or abstract, detailed or simplified and minimalist
If you choose to have your cover illustrated, Remco will discuss your wishes and the possibilities with you. If you do not yet know exactly what you want, Remco will be happy to think along with you. His creative ideas often lead to surprising designs! Also during the design process there will be a lot of contact about the progress, examples and corrections.
Would you also like to provide your dissertation with a custom illustration? Please indicate this to your contact person. For illustrating a cover a small allowance is charged.


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