Professionally printing your thesis near Groningen will be the crowning glory of your thesis. Fortunately, you can outsource this task to with complete peace of mind. Day in and day out, we are committed to helping students at all established Dutch universities. Curious about what we can do for you? Ask Fred for a no-obligation quotation. You will receive it within one working day. We believe that the price speaks for itself. Our quotation is always customised and tailored to your thesis.


Printing your own dissertation Groningen

If you want to get started with your thesis printing near Groningen, we will help you whenever necessary. You can download our manual free of charge from our website. It explains exactly how to get started with the layout and how you should deliver the thesis to us so that we can print it for you. You choose the type of paper yourself. Before we print all the theses, you’ll first receive a hard copy at home. This is where is unique! With a hard copy, you will know exactly what the thesis will look like. Checking printed proofs is different to reviewing a PDF file on a computer. You can still inform us of any last-minute changes. Satisfied? Then we will print all your dissertations and deliver them to your home or the university of your choice within five days.


Thesis cover

Did you know that our creative designers can create a cover for your thesis free of charge? The same goes for the bookmark. You have several options for the cover. For example, you can have some of your theses produced with a hardcover. Alternatively, you can choose to have the cover laminated. In this case, we apply a plastic layer. We can laminate the thesis with either a matt or glossy finish. The advantage of lamination is that your thesis has extra protection and stays beautiful longer. If you have chosen a matt laminated cover, you can also opt for Spot UV varnishing. With this technique, we accentuate certain parts of the cover with a glossy layer.

Would you like to know more about printing your thesis? Please feel free to contact us.