Thesis format requirement university meets universities’ format requirements. Our machines can also print and bind format 28 cm x 28 cm beautifully. Our printing and binding possibilities are almost unlimited thanks to our advanced equipment. ‘Everything in-house’ is our philosophy. This approach ensures a great experience for the customers and means we can switch quickly on our way to a good and beautiful end product.

Voorbeeld dissertations

Size 28 cm x 28 cm knows that sometimes there are specific format requirements for your thesis. For example, at the University of Leuven (Belgium), only the format 28 cm x 28 cm can be submitted. Our machines can print and bind this format, and we can confidently say that we are unique in this respect.

Thesis binding

We have machines that can perform various binding operations. For example, you may want to print an A4 landscape edition. That is no problem for We are happy to comply with our customers’ binding wishes.

We are at your service

In short, nothing stands in your way to the important business card of the academic efforts strives to print your thesis to perfection. Besides assisting you with the layout, we also take the production process very seriously. The reactions of customers validate our approach and commitment to high performance. Our team champions good work, excellent service and personal attention.