Dissertation layout

Discover the advantages of Proefschriftenprinten.nl. Simply tell us your ideas for the layout of your dissertation, and our professional designers will translate them into a customised design. An additional advantage is that we design the cover for free. A good layout makes sure your thesis is shown off to its best advantage.


Gerwald Hullegien

your personal dissertation coordinator

+31318 645688


Cover layout and invitation
for free

Based on the text and images you provide, we create a cover and an invitation (bookmark). We follow your instructions regarding colour, style and position of the image and text. We then elaborate the design into a professional and printable file. You will receive digital proofs from us for final checking.

Cover design and invitation

Our graphic designer creates a complete and unique cover design after discussing it with you. The design can be made to reflect the subject of your dissertation.


Layout dissertation text and cover,
plus invitation

We provide the entire layout of the thesis, incorporating your wishes and ideas. We have several examples to help you decide what you want. We will send you a sample chapter to reflect your initial ideas. After your feedback, we will produce the complete thesis. We can discuss the delivery of your files beforehand to ensure that everything runs smoothly. You can choose from the following layout options in advance:

  • Choice of different fonts, e.g. serif (Times New Roman) or sans-serif (Helvetica)
  • Margins and alignment
  • Subheadings
  • Headers and footers
  • Table of contents
  • Images
  • Tables and figures
  • Bookmarks
  • Title pages for each chapter

Layout additions in PDF
70.- per item

There are many layout options for your pdf file to fine-tune the appearance of your thesis.

  • Inserting title indications at the top or bottom of the pages
  • Adding tabs (chapter numbers or image marks at the side of the pages)
  • Creating chapter pages (intermediate pages incorporating the image used on the cover)

We use the style of the cover and inside pages to give your thesis its own unique look (We do this in consultation, of course). You will also receive digital proofs of your work.