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Below is an overview of the layout options at
If you have any questions or would like a consult, you can always call us. Fred and Chris can give you a clear explanation about layouts; +3131 865 4688

Cover layout and invitation

 Free of charge

Based on the text and images provided by you, we will make a cover and invitation (bookmark). We use your instructions regarding colour, style and position of the image and text. We develop the design into a professional and printable file. You will receive a digital proof for checking.

Cover design and invitation


Our graphic designer Robin will create a complete and unique cover design. Together with him you can discuss your wishes. The design can be made based on the subject of your thesis.

Layout thesis inside, cover and invitation


We take care of the entire layout of the interior and cover. You can let us know your wishes and possible examples. We have a large number of examples, which we can show you and where you can choose. We first make a sample chapter to match your wishes. We then prepare the complete dissertation. We first have contact by telephone about the delivery of your files.

In the layout you can make a choice in advance for the parts mentioned below:

  • Choices from different fonts, e.g. written (Times) or sans serif (Helvetica)
  • Different margins and alignment
  • Use of sub-cups
  • Headers and footers
  • Table of contents
  • Use of images
  • Tables and figures
  • Bookmarks
  • Title pages for each chapter

Layout additions in Pdf

 per part 70,- 

We can add a number of layout options to your PDF file to make your dissertation look better and neater.

  • Title indications at the top or bottom of the pages
  • Adding tabs (chapter numbers or logos on the side of your pages)
  • Formatting chapter pages (intermediate page with cover image section)

We use the style of the cover and interior so that your thesis has its own unique appearance (we will of course do this in consultation).
You will also receive a digital proof of this.


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