Delivery of your thesis

Our courier is an important link

Our courier is an important link in the chain. At, you can count on our careful, friendly and customer-conscious delivery. We are always ready to deliver the thesis as a beautiful, high-quality book. Once we have the product ready, we still need to deploy an important link to the client. The work will be delivered to you.

Voorbeeld dissertations

A professional courier

As soon as the thesis is printed, engages the courier. We charge no extra delivery costs. We have hired a specialist for delivery, and our courier can always deliver quickly and, as an extra service, will call you before the thesis is due to be delivered. Delivery usually takes place at the university. The courier will call when the thesis has been delivered. Accuracy is at the top of the list for our courier, and that’s how they treat our products and customers.

On the road with your work

We value the services of a good courier, because they are the last link in the chain that delivers the thesis to the customer. A satisfactory outcome is important to us. For, we insist that the customer service we strive for is also pursued by our courier. The reactions of our customers show that they appreciate the experience. Therefore, we employ our courier with peace of mind. is the right choice on your way to promotion!